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A brief commentary on why we use certain blows for  SCA Equestrian swordplay by  Baron Sir Manfred of Meridies former Marshal of the Meridies Equestrian  College; this discussion pertains mostly to the  Beheading the Enemy Drill

A helpful letter of recommendation from the Wrangler who served Gulf Wars Equestrians for almost ten years; this letter is useful for new rental stables who are not familiar with the SCA

History of Horses in the SCA: THL Donwenna describes what we do with rental horses in the SCA. A useful reference letter to give new wranglers.  and  Event Autocrats

Tournaments Illuminated Fall Issue #160  How to Autocrat an Equestrian Event A Checklist for the Equestrian Autocrat; especially useful in conjunction with History of Horses in SCA by Donwenna & Agelos
THL Donwenna talks about how the SCA has its own riding culture  like the HW Fighters with their own fighting style, each developed over the course of the past thirty years.

  • Former SCA Pres, Meg Baron  explains  what SCA liability coverage entails ; also includes covnerage for SCA site owners.

THL Timotheus on IKEQC spears
Duchess Elina on  descriptions of  gaits  as pertains to gaited horses in SCA competitions

How to Make Items

The jousting saddle custom made for Donwenna based on her research.
Horse Camping List and 1st Aid Kit 
by   THL Kolfinna Herasdottir, An Tir

by  Mistress Yaasmiina , the Equestrian Laurel of Artimesia & SEO
A lovely uplifting commentary on how you can participate in SCA EQ activities if you do not have a horse by Lady  Doucette de Verdun. 
Thl Catelin Spenser ,former KEO An Tir, gives an excellent intro to SCA EQ Activities
Excellent article on how to buy saddles on Ebay by Lady Ariadne De Glevo, Deputy KEO, Caid & Senior Equestrian Marshal, West

Why are EM authorizations so difficult? How do we get people authorized in far away areas?

Medieval Horse Bibliography by Neil Grant 
Biblio by Baroness Brenna of Trimaris
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